Helsingør Distillery

The history of Helsingør Distillery and the Tvede family begins in 1842 when Jørgen Martin Hansen Tvede takes over G.A Galschiødts business in Sudegade 23 in Helsingør.

In 1849 J.M.Tvede suddenly dies, leaving the distillery to his son J.L.Tvede, an innovative and shrewd businessman who establishes a new modern steam distillery on nearby Stjernegade that quickly prospers and becomes a successful business.

As early as 1868 J.L. Tvede aquired his first alcohol rectification system and just five years later he introduces high pressure alcohol extraction which is necessary for utilizing the properties of corn in alcohol production, which he was among the first to do.

Thanks to these modern methods J.L.Tvede produced over 1 million liters in 1883.

Apart from “Kronborg Akvavit” the company produced numerous brandy-bitters, among them “Kronborg Taffel Bitter” that became famous the world over.

The Kronborg bitter we produce today was created by J.L.Tvede in 1899 in honor of Helsingør Distillerys 50th anniversary.

Kronborg Akvavit is made from an old danish recipe and is one of the oldest existing schnapps brands in the country.



In 2007 the Kronborg Akvavit family was joined by a new member; “Kronborg Bitter”, and in 2016 Kronborg Akvavit was taken over by A.H. Riise Spirits, that among other products is known for A.H.Riise Rum and Tranquebar Gin.



Is a classic dansih bitter created by J.L.Tvede in 1899 in honor of Helsingør Distillerys 50th anniversary.

It is composed of more than 30 different herbs that gives it a bitter yet mild and well rounded flavor, with a slightly sweet aftertaste of bitter orange.

32% vol. Matured for 30 days on ash tree casks.


Is a golden akvavit flavored with caraway seed, fennel and coriander.
Kronborg Christmas Akvavit is only on sale for the limited Christmas season.

40% vol. Matured on Oloroso sherry casks.


Is flavored with caraway seed, fennel and grains of paradise, matured for a longer period of time on Madeira casks. This gives the akvavit a silken, almost creamy texture and a sweetness with notes of vanilla and anise.
It goes uncommonly well with Madeira herring!

42% vol. Matured on old Madeira casks.


Is a crystal clear classic of the type known as “banquet” akvavit.
It was produced for the first time in 1842 by J.M.Tvede at his distillery in Helsingør that in 1842 was taken over by his son, J.L.Tvede.

40% vol. Matured for 30 days in ash tree casks.


Has a soft and wine-like quality with an aftertaste of nuts and vanilla, finely balanced with just a dash of fresh lemon; this makes Kronborg Easter Akvavit the perfect choice for the herring and fish dishes at the traditional easter lunch!

40% vol. Matured for 30 days in ash tree casks.


Is flavored with caraway seed and dill and matured on old P.X. sherry casks for a longer period of time. This gives the akvavit a rich and creamy taste -with just a note of raisins and plums, vanilla and anise.

42% vol. Matured on Madeira casks.

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