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charles_maxwellThe gin is a genuine hand crafted artisanal product distilled in a 500 liters pot still in small batches and is further bottled and labeled by hand. Each bottle carries an individual bottle and batch number as well as the vintage of distillation. Our London Dry Gin is enhanced with a  higher than usual proportion of root botanicals, which gives the gin a more pronounced and distinct earthy aroma profile.

London Gin Lab is a new venture launched by the Chelsea Distillery and the gins creator master distiller Charles Maxwell who is a 9th generation gin distiller and one of the world’s leading gin experts.

In 2015, Charles Maxwell won the IWS  trophy for creating the world’s best gin.

The recipe for our London Gin Lab Dry Gin is a classic late 17th century style gin. Distilled with the following six botanicals:

  • Juniper
  • Coriander
  • Angelica
  • Cassia root
  • Licorice & Bitter Orange peel

All the botanicals are re-distilled with pure grain spirit distilled from grains sourced in Suffolk and Norfolk counties in the north of England. London Gin Lab Dry Gin has an exceptionally clean, aromatic and fresh flavor.

It has a complex, concentrated and full bodied slightly earthy taste with a soft juniper flavor and a delightful fruity finish with a fresh citrusy bite. A well crafted gin where none of the individual botanicals dominate the overall taste profile.

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