Santos Dumont


This excellent rum is named in honor of alberto santos dumont ( 20th july 1873 – 23th july 1932 )

He was a world famous aviation pioneer, noble man, celebrity and style icon. He was the heir of a wealthy family of coffee and sugar cane producers in brazil.

His father, French born Henri Dumont was known as the coffee king of Brazil and on the family’s vast farm named Cabangu in the state of Minas Gerais near São Paulo.

They took advantage of the latest inventions in order to increase the efficiency in the production at the plantation.

From the sugar cane grown on the plantation there were distilled Rum and Cachaca.

Alberto Santos Dumont was from early childhood fascinated by the machines they employed on the farm, where they had a large steam tractor, which he drove often as a child, as well as a railway with a steam driven locomotive.

He was a great fan of Jules Verne and had read all his books before his 10th. birthday.

Santos Dumont wrote in his autobiography that the dream of flying came to him, while contemplating the magnificent skies of Brazil on the long sunny afternoons at the

After Alberto’s farther in 1891 had an accident falling from his horse and became a paraplegic, he decided to sell the plantation and move to France with his entire family.

After his arrival to France Santos Dumont designed, build and flew his first practical lighter than air dirigible (airship).

His conquest of the air initiated in particular with winning of the “Deutsch De La Meurthe Prize” on 19th. October 1901 where he on a flight rounded the Eiffel tower.

This event made him one of the most famous people in the world during the early 20th. Century.

After winning the prize of 100.000 Francs, Santos Dumont announced that it would be donated in equal parts to his employees and the poor people of the city of Paris.

Following his pioneering work in airships Santos Dumont constructed a heavier-than-air aircraft, the 14-bis, which
he on 23th.

October 1906 flew, to make the first ever heavier-than-air airplane flight in Europe.

The flight was certified by Aéro Club De France as well as The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

He is also famous for having ordered the production of the world first hand wrist watch from his close friend the jeweler Louis Cartier.

He asked Cartier to produce the watch especially for him as it was not comfortable for him to use a pocket watch which was common custom in those days, as it keep him from having both hands on the controls of his air planes.

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